10 Most Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

Finally, that special day has arrived when you’ll begin with a renovation job in your kitchen. You just can’t wait to get started, and that’s understandable. Yet, you should hold your renovation horses for a while, because that’s advisable. Why? Well, there a few most common mistakes almost any kitchen renovation enthusiast just can’t avoid making. Therefore, if you want to go through a kitchen renovation process properly and get the desirable results, here’s a list you should check at least twice before you begin.

Kitchen Renovation – Do You Need to Renovate All?

Do you really need to renovate the whole kitchen? Maybe changing one or two of kitchen elements can do the job. It’s better to ask yourself before you begin, do I really need all of this, rather than to hear it from others, what were you thinking. Right?

Not Sticking to Your Kitchen Renovation Budget

It’s easy to grab a sledgehammer and follow your renovation dreams, than it’s to be faithful to your initial financial commitment. You need to make sure that you can afford all what you’ve originally planned for your kitchen renovation tasks.

Hire the Wrong People for the Right Job

One of the worst mistakes you can possibly make while renovating your kitchen, is to hire the wrong people for the right job. Top professionals in this field always come with more than a handful of reliable recommendations.

Being Your Own Kitchen Renovator

We know it’s hard to resist it, but don’t try to be your own contractor. YouTube DIY videos can be a great source of inspiration, but even they have reasonable limitations. There are true pros, who have spent years and even decades in this business, for a reason.

Your Renovated Kitchen Turns Out to be a Mismatch to the Rest of Your House

If your renovated kitchen fails to match the rest of the house’s design and felling, then you’ve probably made this most common mistake. The last thing you need is to have a kitchen, which looks as if it’s been borrowed from some other home.

Not Having a First Aid Kit in the Kitchen

This is one of the worst kitchen renovation mistakes of them all. You’ve completely forgotten about the first aid kit. This is a serious mistake you simply can’t afford yourself a reckless luxury of making it, in the first place. It’s not going to bring bad luck to your home, and it will definitely save the day, if needed.

You Pay Your Contractors in Full Up Front

It’s a nice thing that you’re paying a respect to your contractors with an advanced payment, but don’t pay more than 30% of the total renovation job. Why? Well, that’s more than enough to cover material costs, and protect yourself from any unpleasant surprises.

You Follow the Kitchen Design Trends Like You Follow the Kardashians

Don’t you even try to keep up with the Kardashians, Joneses, or any other prestigious family and their kitchens. At the end of the long and very expensive day, you’re going to end up disappointed, and with a kitchen you won’t like, in the first place.

You Keep Changing Your Mind about Your Kitchen Design

If you keep changing your mind over and over again about your kitchen renovation design, both your budget and your contractors will eventually lose you somewhere along the way.

You Choose an Extravagant Kitchen Design and Overlook the Function

Would you rather live and work in an extravagant, but dysfunctional kitchen, or in a modestly designed, but fully functional new kitchen? This question says it all about this common kitchen renovation mistake.

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