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posted Feb 15 2024

Top Luxurious Trends in Kitchen Design for 2022
Don’t you think kitchens are the most challenging room to renovate? Your kitchen is a priceless investment in your home and should reflect your personality. It acts as a solace space where you can brew a steaming cup every morning. Kitchens can be notoriously tricky; hence they should be built with utmost focus and innovative intention that will set a strong foundation. 

Kitchens are known for their multifunctional nature and have been constantly evolving in every aspect including open-plan spaces to makeshift workstations. Investing in the kitchen elements is invaluable anytime, for either when you live in it or you want to resale it. Are you ready to update your kitchen, but still want some inspiration? Here we have compiled the greatest trends and innovative kitchen design ideas set to dominate in 2022.

Clever Compact Kitchen is on its Heels
In the age of the digital world and technology, you can see the growing demand for curated kitchen design. Whether it’s narrow or square premium compact design will make your kitchen more beneficial with less clutter and increased efficiency. In such a space, it is important to make sure that every inch of the kitchen is utilized with a carefully planned kitchen layout.

Dark Colours has become the shining star
Past years have been always about white and bright colours, however today we are shifting away from them and embracing bolder colours instead. Adding dark colours especially black or grey makes your kitchen look more liveable, luxe and inviting than ever. From seeing beautiful black marble to midnight green cabinets, the kitchen is going dark combined with textured woods, adding elegance and subtle dramatic essence to the space. 

Smart Storage Solution will be Effective
People are usually annoyed when they face the unnecessary waste of space while choosing the cabinetry. Experts say that kitchen storage is one of the critical foundations of creating a functional kitchen. Unlike the olden days, where we strive to declutter all things, it is important to go for the well-structured and concealed storage spaces that will savour the functionality and aesthetic appearance of your kitchen.

Get in trend with Mix Match Kitchen
Contrast is everything when it comes to mixing things. People are tired of the matchy-matchy kitchen space; nowadays the space is becoming more blended since we enter into a new decade. From designing the worktops to choosing the cabinets, it will give you the great opportunity to explore different options and creates instant interest. Using contrasting materials will bring warmth and a vibrant family kitchen.

Experiment with Double Kitchen Island
Though double Kitchen Island is not a great innovative concept, it has been becoming more popular in 2022, considering its benefits on making a decluttering kitchen environment. With our choice towards a larger kitchen, opting for pair of island units becomes an expansive addition that will add beauty and function in the same space.

Statement with Beautiful Backsplash
In real, backsplashes are the fun and exciting part to decorate in your kitchen. However with all the constant changes with the new trends and styles, these days, you should move towards the larger tiles or slabs with various textures and patterns. When it comes to colour choices, you have seamless options, where you can go for a pop of colour that will allow you to get more creative and classic.

We hope our ideas will help you remodel your décor and features for style, function and flair in the heart of your home. Renovating your kitchen might seem like a tedious task, but if you are sure about your ideas and style, you can definitely transform your dull kitchen into a million-dollar one, with a magically luxurious look.

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