3 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Countertops Easier to Maintain

There isn’t joy cooking in cluttered and unclean kitchen countertops, is it? In addition, if your kitchen is your home’s heart and soul, then the kitchen countertop is the main arterial, which sets the overall tone and feeling. On the other side, this is one of the toughest places not only in your kitchen but in your entire home to keep clean. Perhaps this difficulty is closely associated with our poor habits of maintaining the counter tops properly. Here are some tips that can help you maintain your kitchen counter tops much easier.

kitchen countertops maintenance

Remove all Unnecessary Things of Your Kitchen Countertop and Relocate all “Intruders”

One of the biggest troubles for proper maintenance of the kitchen counter tops is our bad habit to put almost anything and everything on them. We tend to leave things on the counter tops all the time. This the first and most important rule of making your kitchen countertops easier to maintain. You should remove any item you no longer need or use away from your kitchen counter top. We also have to admit that kitchen counter tops have quite a notorious reputation as being the collection areas for all kinds of things that have nothing to do with cooking or kitchen itself. All of these “intruders”, such as keys, mail, phones, and similar, should find their proper place, rather than to stay on your kitchen counter top.

Clean Your Kitchen Countertop Now, So You Don’t Regret Later

Depending on the type of material your kitchen countertop is being made of, you should take care of cleaning as soon as some stain or spot appears on it. It’s definitely much better and wiser to spend a couple of minutes right now than a couple of hours later for cleaning and removal of stains on your kitchen counter top. This is the second golden rule of thoughtful maintenance of our kitchen countertops we also tend to neglect and forget about.

Finish Unfinished Jobs and Reset Your Kitchen Countertop Each Evening

Finally, your kitchen countertop shouldn’t be treated as the gathering point for all unfinished jobs in your kitchen. Don’t leave your kitchen with a handful of unfinished jobs behind you, such as washing the dishes, returning used items, wiping the counters, and similar. It comes without saying that all of them will wait for you the very next day on your kitchen countertop. You can forget about the easy maintenance of your counter tops if you leave a heavy load of unfinished jobs a night before. Again one minute of your time you miss devoting to your kitchen counter top today can easily turn out into an hour or more of tough work tomorrow or a couple of days later.

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