5 Kitchen Trends to Follow in 2017 for a Great Design

Kitchens are undeniably the heart of homes as they are not just used to cook meals but also to entertain family and friends. Many kitchen activities and usages are subject to change with time and if you’re are wanting to keeping up with the change; it will be a good idea keep an eye on the latest kitchen trends. The kitchen operates as the main area of your home and that’s why it’s worth investing in a stylish makeover.

Latest Trends for the Most Trafficked Room of Any Home…

What goes into making an aesthetically beautiful and functionally wonderful kitchen? Let’s take a close look what’s going to be hot and what’s not in 2017:

1.Integrated Kitchen & Living Spaces: If you love to cook and entertain guests simultaneously, remove all the barriers between your kitchen and the living room. An integrated layout allows for better traffic flow, more interactive, and fluid environment. An open layout keeps the family in touch, invites guests into the heart of the home, and adds a sense of extra space.

2.The Industrial Look: Industrial design is all about rustic metals, exposed pipes, wall-mounted rails, wood beams, and minimalist furniture. The look also combines the beauty of different materials such as wood, stone, and concrete and what makes it different is the advanced engineering for form and function. It is a perfect balance of style, functionality, and your personality.

3.Smart Storage Solutions: Smart storage says that there should be enough room for never-ending accessories, endless food cans, and boxes in your kitchen. The innovative storage techniques allow for better organisation and you will have a clutter-free cooking space. Some of the best examples include a custom pantry, corner drawers, utensil drawers, under the sink drawers, pullout waste bins, appliance storages, deep cabinets, rolling carts, and much more.

4.Technical devices: Adding a few technical items will allow kitchens to look and feel trendier. The possibilities for this are just endless. Getting techy doesn’t mean you have to install all the latest and greatest in technology but even a few items will work. Incorporating some form of technology into the design increases efficiency. It could be as simple as installing touchless taps, under-cabinet lighting, smart appliances, etc.

5.Bigger and Brighter Colours: In terms of colour, the latest trend is all about the modern look such as painted walls, cabinets, and doors. The colours that will dominate this era includes the shades of gray paired with white or black countertops, dusky blues, lime greens, spicy reds, light yellows, and light pinks. Painting walls is not enough, but making sure the cabinets are right for the area. There are other things you could do with colour that will bring life to the area such as, creating soft spots, statement lighting, moody shades, artwork, window treatments, Wood grain finishes combined with concrete looking doors, Polymeric surfaces in gloss and satin finishes, Glass doors being the latest new trend and a lot more.

With all that said I would love to add that the European look is also still in…