6 Stunning New Kitchen Colour Schemes

One of the toughest choices to make for your new kitchen design is choosing the most suitable kitchen colour schemes, especially if you’re ready to settle for nothing less than a stunning wow effect your new kitchen design is to deliver. Here are 6 stunning new kitchen colour schemes suggestions for your consideration when choosing the colours for your favourite place in your home.

Yellow Kitchen Accents

You don’t have to paint your kitchen in yellow, from the floor to the ceiling, but you can certainly do something intriguing with this bold choice in the right places. This a little bit unusual choice is associated with the sun and cheerful emotions. You’re free to use it for countertops or backsplashes, including bold combinations with other colours, such as grey, white, or green.

Green Kitchen Accents

This is a refreshing colour, which can be an excellent choice depending on the intensity and shade you introduce. Green kitchen accents can be used in many ways, including your kitchen floor, countertops, or backsplashes. If you want to get a stunning colour scheme for your new kitchen, then you’re strongly encouraged to combine with the white colour.

Kitchen Walls With Neutral Accents

This is a great way to ensure an eye-catching design for your new kitchen. Here’s an interesting combination of colours for your new kitchen walls. For instance, you can try a combination of green walls with more neutral tones, such as brown or grey.

Pink and White Kitchen Combinations

Stunning colour schemes for your new kitchen design, just don’t go hand-in-hand with design stereotypes you may have. This is definitely a bold choice for your kitchen design, which is either a fantastic refreshment or a risky experiment. There’s no middle ground with this unorthodox colour combination, you’ll either hate or adore completely. This chic and dynamic combination is reserved only for the true kitchen design enthusiasts.

Turquoise and White Kitchen Combinations

Turquoise is definitely one of the most beautiful colours you can possibly think of including among your new kitchen design colour schemes. This colour can perfectly correspond with quite a few positive feelings, you can inspire with this colour scheme. In addition, if you want to reach a new level of profound style, you’re free to combine with the white colour.

Purple and Violet Kitchen Combinations

This bold combination may make you raise your eyebrows, but you’ll quickly change your mind as soon as you experience first-hand what kind of a stunning effect it creates for your new kitchen design. When you combine purple and white in your kitchen you’re ensuring a stunning visual richness, which will be your genuine design statement in the years to come, you won’t regret about.

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