Kitchen Remodeling Trends – What’s Hot and What’s Not

Remodeling of your kitchen is undoubtedly a serious task, which ask for a huge financial and personal commitment. The best way to make sure, you’ll get what you want in your new remodeled kitchen is to carefully evaluate trends in this field. Especially, what’s hot and what’s not, so you can avoid disappointments, and choose trends that’ll stand of time, for at least some reasonable time, until the next remodeling.

A White Kitchen is Always a Good Remodeling Choice

You can never go wrong with white appliances. They’ll give your kitchen the eye-catching appeal, and at the same time, allow you easy cleaning and maintenance. Some other so-called “trendy colour” may seem like a perfect choice at the moment, but soon enough you’ll find out whether or not you followed blindly the wrong trend. White kitchens will never lose their popularity, that’s for sure.

A Neutral Grey – Your Top Kitchen Remodeling Play

Yet, if for some reason you’re not a huge fan of white kitchens, there’s still one colour option left, which won’t let you down the very next season. A neutral grey is among the fastest-growing colour schemes for the top kitchen designers. In addition, grey kitchens can be your breath of fresh air in sunny and hot climates. Almost a perfect choice for Aussie kitchen enthusiasts, isn’t it?

Smaller Kitchen Appliances, Greater Joy

Micro-kitchen units can offer you interesting all-in-one choices. This is always a win-win. You’re saving both space and money, because you don’t have to run for the trendier appliances the next year already, and worry about your small kitchen.

Quartz vs. Granite Counter tops

Granite is an outstanding counter top material, if you can afford it. On the other side, quartz can give you all desirable characteristics, you usually associate with granite, plus much easier maintenance. Additionally, you don’t have to seal it once or twice in a year to avoid stains.

LED – a Good Kitchen Remodeling Investment

There’s no need to raise your eyebrows while looking for an explanation. LED-based appliances can stimulate your creativity in the best possible way. The latest models of these devices are energy friendly and emit almost no heat. Therefore, there’s nothing for you to worry about. You just need to decide where to install them.

Let your Fridge be Your Kitchen Remodeling Bridge

A refrigerator is no longer a boring and unavoidable single unit. Nowadays, a fridge can be a part of your kitchen island, or come with a wine cooler, or even a juice refrigeration, you kids will adore.

Touch-Activation For The Ultimate Satisfaction

 Touch-activated features have become an absolute must-have in the contemporary kitchen design, with an impressive popularity growth rate of more than 20% on a yearly level. You don’t have to worry about their price, because their growing popularity makes them to be affordable like never before.

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