A Dozen Space Saving Ideas for Small Kitchens

Just because you’re facing small kitchen space limitations, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dare to dream big. Your small kitchen can represent a creative challenge, you’re going to find yourself enjoying while dealing with. Here are some of the space saving tips, which can help you to overcome your small kitchen limitations.

Small, but Powerful Kitchen Appliances

Choosing small, but powerful kitchen appliances can really save the day. Eventually, you’ll get what you want with no need to sacrifice your kitchen design style or the space itself.

Single-Bowl Sink

A single-bowl sink can actually be as efficient as the standard double-bowl sink. Of course, once you get used to it. In return, you can save at least a foot or more of invaluable space in your kitchen.

Wall Mounted Storage

Wall mounted storage is a great way to use every inch of available space in the best possible way. Even if it means to mount as many kitchen elements as possible from floor to ceiling. Don’t use kitchen walls only to hang up an artwork or a calendar, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by significant space savings.

All-in-One Kitchen Island

An all-in-one kitchen island can be your invaluable ally to fight space limitations of your kitchen. A custom all-in-one island can make that every square inch truly matters for your kitchen design ideas.

A Slim Pullout Pantry

A slim pullout pantry can fit even the tightest space in your small kitchen. In addition, you don’t have to worry about accessing items stored in it.

Hit the Ceiling with Your Kitchen Cabinet

If you want to overcome all challenges associated with the small kitchens, you need to think and design in the 3D space. The additional storage space provided by a tall kitchen cabinet can really help you a lot organizing your kitchen items.

Remove Your Kitchen Door

You don’t need a kitchen door all that much in a small kitchen. Why stop there, remove an entire wall, if you can. When you open up your kitchen, you get yourself a win-win in both style and functionality.

A Rolling Cart

A rolling cart is your kitchen on wheels, which can help you get an extra space, when and where you need it the most. Just slide it from one side to the other, and enjoy the free space.

Your Kitchen Corners

Your kitchen corners can be your space saving best friends. Just give it some extra time and attention, you’ll be surprised how grateful a thoughtfully used kitchen corner can be.

The Forgotten Kitchen Space

Evaluate your small kitchen design inch-by-inch all over again, once you’re done with the initial installation job. Small pockets of forgotten kitchen space can hide a huge space saving surprise.

Hit Two-in-One

Hit two-in-one with the mind blowing space saving ideas, such as the custom cutting surface, you can put over to fit your sink, or even the stove top. This is a fantastic way to push your creativity to the very limits.

Share Your Ideas and Embrace New Ones

Share your ideas and embrace new ones with all big people coming from the small kitchens.

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