How long does it take to install a kitchen?

How long does it take to install a kitchen?

The process of installation all begins with the kitchen design. Drawings and plans are made at the outset, to provide a template to the tradespeople involved, and for the overall coordination of the job.

You will usually need to engage an electrician, plumber, carpenter and renderer/plasterer. For stone bench tops, a stone mason may also be needed. If you are also doing flooring then this is another installer to add to the list.

Supply of materials will depend on their availability, so the overall job should be planned for once timing on materials’ availability is confirmed.

Don’t forget that creating a new kitchen most probably also involves the removal and clean-up of the old kitchen installation before the new job begins. So this needs to be taken into account too, in terms of timing and labour.

Once the area is cleared and ready, allow about one or two days for the electrician to do their work, then one further day for the plumber to prepare the area for the kitchen to be installed. In most cases each tradesperson would work at a separate time than the others, so these time periods are consecutive ones. If new flooring is to be provided, then allow another two days for flooring to be laid in the kitchen area.

Next, the cabinets: On average, it takes two days for the installation of the new cabinetry. If you’re getting stone bench tops and a stone mason is engaged, they will need to take measurements for bench top templates, after the cabinets have been installed. Then it takes 7–10 more days for the stone bench tops to be cut, supplied and installed. When ordering, the careful planning of your timings in the supply of materials and manufacture will allow the various tradespersons’ work to dovetail in with each other.

After the bench tops are in, it just remains for the splashbacks to be installed. Even before the splashbacks are up, you can already start using your kitchen – once the plumber and electrician have been and the bench tops are installed – so you will have some flexibility at the end of this process to complete the splashbacks. If they are glass, allow 10 days, or if tiles, then two days.

In all, you should allow around two to three weeks from start to finish for a full kitchen installation to be completed. While of course there is a bit of disruption as it is all happening, the result will be a kitchen you will love, use and enjoy for a long time to come!