How to Choose Kitchen Appliances

You’re done with your kitchen design and building. You just can’t wait to install all of those shiny and new kitchen appliances, you’ve been thinking about for months. Yet, there’s more than one reason to think twice before you give it a green light for all appliances waiting in line to become a part of your new kitchen. This “finishing touch” for your kitchen design can easily turn out to be the most expensive and frustrating phase for you to go through. So, what’s the best and cost friendly way to choose your kitchen appliances? Here are some tips that can definitely come in handy for any kitchen newbie enthusiast.

How to Choose Kitchen Appliances – Refrigerators

It’s a normal and an understandable thing to think about the refrigerators first to the very first mentioning of the kitchen appliances. However, you should think about your family’s needs first, rather than tempting commercials and eye-catching design. If you’ve a large family, who often stay and cook at home, then you should sacrifice an invaluable kitchen space for massive refrigerator units. In all other cases, you should keep it small and simple.

Ovens / Stoves

Again, you need to be honest about the fact how often you cook and what your current level of cooking experience is. Stoves and ovens can strongly influence the visual impact you’re trying to achieve with your kitchen design, but their practical application and energy consumption should be your top priorities. Each of the available options, such as a cooktop or a stove has its pros and cons, you should carefully examine before making up your mind.

Ventilation Systems

We have to admit that these systems are strongly underestimated, when people are making choices about kitchen appliances. However, as soon as you start using your kitchen on a daily basis, you begin to realize and appreciate how important ventilation systems are. Depending on your stove or cooktop size, including the presence of additional heating elements, such as grills or burners, you may need to consider higher and more complex ventilation systems. Sometimes, your aesthetic wishes have to step back before the functionality demands.


Your family’s needs and lifestyle are determining a choice of your most suitable dishwasher for your kitchen design. This is a very similar situation we have with the refrigerators previously. On the other hand, your budget limitations can make you reconsider installing expensive models with energy efficiency features, hidden controls, or noise reduction solutions.


Making the right choice of your kitchen appliances is really an art of finding the right balance between your lifestyle and needs, on the one side, and your budget and space restrictions, on the other side. You need to set a list of priorities, which particular kitchen appliance has to comply with the top quality and performance requirements, and which one will have to wait for a new renovation chance. One more time, don’t allow yourself a luxury of ruining your design enthusiasm, because you were reckless, when it comes to measuring the available heights and widths in your new kitchen.

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