Kitchen Lighting – Setting the Right Mood

Kitchen lighting is very important in setting the right mood for one of the most important areas in your home. However, we often tend to neglect or take for granted this important piece of successful kitchen design puzzle. Why? Well, we’re literally obsessed with new kitchen furniture and appliances that a “detail” called the lighting seems like a waste of precious renovation time. Yet, the truth is that kitchen lighting is much more than just one more stop on your renovation journey. With the proper lighting solutions for your kitchen you’re actually setting the overall mood and positive feelings about this most important place in your home. We often forget that our kitchen lighting can influence our perception of all kitchen elements and structure.

Struck by Lightning by Superb Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting should be the first thing in your mind when you plan a new kitchen, for a simple reason. All necessary electrics and fittings ask from you to be installed before not after you begin with your kitchen renovation process. In addition, you need to set your lighting priorities and preferable lighting zones. What do you expect to achieve with your lighting elements, to provide enough light for your kitchen working tasks, dining, or set the ambient mood? Or, maybe you’re after the prestigious wow effect, which means to leave breathless every single person that set a foot in your gorgeous kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting Positioning

So, where can you position your kitchen lighting? Here some of the most common positions according to an expected role and goals you’re trying to achieve:

  • Under the Kitchen Cabinets Lighting is an excellent choice for task lighting. You’ll enough and adequate lighting for cooking and food preparation, but at the same time, you can expect a delicate touch of soft ambient lighting.
  • Kitchen Lighting Inside the Cabinets mainly has a decorative purpose. You can use it to put an emphasis on your special glassware, or some other special element you want to illuminate additionally.
  • Kitchen Lighting Over the Cabinets can be the discrete source of appealing and soft ambient light. Their role is to give a warm glow onto your kitchen ceiling and walls.
  • Toe Kick Kitchen Lights prove themselves to be an interesting and useful extra light source. Especially, if you choose to include strips of LED lights at the top of your kitchen base cabinet.

What’s the best word of advice you can get about the perfect kitchen lighting? We can put it this way. Think about lighting while you’re considering plumbing, and spend as much you would invest in kitchen flooring. This simple, but effective approach can significantly increase your chances of achieving all aesthetic and practical goals with your kitchen lighting. You’ve heard it for so many times that a kitchen is your home’s very heart. Well, this heart can do its work in the dark, make sure you light it properly.

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