Kitchen Splashbacks

It has been quite a while, since the kitchen splashbacks overgrew their original protective and functional use. Nowadays, each and any kitchen splashback is an excellent opportunity for you to include an additional aesthetic moment in your modern kitchen design. The great value of the kitchen splashbacks is that you simply can’t ignore them, once you step a foot in a kitchen. They’re just below your eye level, ready to attract your attention and make you proud of your contemporary kitchen design. One thing is more than certain, when it comes to kitchen splashbacks. You’re free to think and choose differently your next splashback material.

The best thing about kitchen splashbacks is that you can easily find the overwhelming abundance of available choices to be both frustrating and time consuming. Therefore, our word of advice is to narrow your choice through a thoughtful evaluation of specific material characteristics and available colours. Either way, your kitchen splashback type has to find the right kind of a synergy with other kitchen elements, especially benchtop and cabinetry.

If the very first kitchen splashback type to cross your mind has something to do with the tiles, you’re not going to make a mistake. However, you shouldn’t close the door of inspirational splashback designs, because you don’t have time or courage to explore other options. Here are some of the most intriguing ones, for you to consider:

Window Kitchen Splashbacks

If there’s something you couldn’t possibly ignore the moment you lay your eyes on an eye-catching kitchen design, then this simply has to be a glass window splashback. This is a great way to make your kitchen appear bigger, than it really is. In addition, this kitchen splashback type is far easier to clean and maintain. You’re also allowed to play with the glass transparency, in determining how much natural light you’re willing to let into your kitchen. Here’s a quick designer’s tip. If you want to experience the true visual power of window kitchen splashbacks, then your choice should definitely be a frameless type.

Mirror Kitchen Splashbacks

Putting a mirror on your kitchen wall is undoubtedly a bold designer’s decision. Nevertheless, you should be fully aware of what are you trying to achieve with the powerful mirror effects in your kitchen. The stunning effects of mirror kitchen splashbacks can only be achieved, if you have something worth of reflecting from the opposite rooms of your home. For instance, your outdoor terrace or a picturesque dining area.

Tinted Mirror Kitchen Splashbacks

For those of you, who aren’t huge fans of the fully transparent and reflective mirror effects, this type can be a compromising solution. Tinted mirrors can strongly influence the overall tone and feeling of your kitchen. We’ve already said it all. Kitchen mirrors are reserved only for the brave ones.

Butterfly-Effect Marble Kitchen Splashbacks

Butterfly-effects, only a marble kitchen splashback type can provide, are a great way for making genuine visual statements. Yet, this type isn’t a perfect match for every kitchen. If you’re willing to risk it all with this unorthodox type, then your reward may be an unforgettable modern design, which will take your breath away each time you walk in it.

Pressed Metal Kitchen Splaschbacks

There’s something sensual and powerful, only a pressed metal kitchen splashback can bring into your kitchen design. This material gives you a great deal of freedom to experiment with colours and various textures. This type of material is a perfect match for your country-style kitchen. Here’s one more quick designer’s tip. You should play with other material’s textures and colours in your kitchen, in order to make the pressed metal splashback stand out. Yet, you should know that this type works fine only with industrial-style kitchens with plenty of available contemporary space.

Exposed Brick Kitchen Splashbacks

If you want to ensure an eye-catching texture for your contemporary kitchen splashback design, then the exposed brick style is a perfect choice. In addition, you bring a little bit of industrial oriented style to your kitchen space with this one. With this interesting kitchen splashback type you can improve your feeling of the free space and decrease the negative visual barriers in your kitchen between different elements. Here’s what designers have to say about exposed brick kitchen splashback types. This type is going to truly work only with the bricks, which are already being used, with imperfect, but intriguing rustic visual quality. You can even use two or more colours to emphasize shadows and more exciting look for your kitchen.

Timber Kitchen Splashbacks

There are quite a few timber-look and timber materials, which you can use for your kitchen splashbacks. You can play with them, in order to create the right kind of a mood for your kitchen design. However, you shouldn’t forget that natural timber has its limitations, which need to be overcome with some additional maintenance and extra surface care. For contemporary kitchen designers, on the other side, white cabinetry is an absolute must when combined with the natural timber materials, for a simple reason. This is the best way to prevent your timber splashback appear overwhelming and too heavy, especially in a small kitchen.

Copper Kitchen Splashbacks

A wow-effect for your kitchen is something you can always expect with a copper splashback. If a glamorous look is your kitchen design priority, then copper material is definitely a win-win for your splashback element and overall visual appearance. Designers don’t hesitate to use copper splashbacks all the way up to the ceiling. In addition, they recommend an intriguing combination of weathered copper kitchen splashbacks and white bricks or concrete blocks.