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Innovative design style

Our Modern Kitchen Design – Infinity is a versatile system. It is designed to adapt to any of your kitchen need or requirement. The smart door comes with Diagonal handles with an incline cut which makes opening it, much easier compared to a more traditional door with a 30° cut. We have called this Modern kitchen design – Infinity. This offers many creative, lively and innovative contrast for your kitchen. You have the choice of a huge range of accessories that will bring out a great look for your modern kitchen design. The geometric shape, the Ipe hood insert that includes the same fine finish as the doors. The process is easy. We at Eurolife believe that your kitchen is the heart of your home, something that is warm and that all the functions are suited to your needs. This helps your day to day use. This is great for the whole family.

Ergonomically arranged space

Modern Kitchen Benchtop - Infinity Sydney

Some kitchen drawers do not fully open all the way, but, our drawers open up completely. This is a great benefit because not only allows you to see all the contents of the drawer but also gives you easy access to the contents. It is a great idea to have all your utensils always ready at the correct height too.

Everything in place

Modern Kitchen Trap - Infinity Sydney

Each of our modern kitchen design has many accessories including handy racks, spacious storage column units and drawers. The doors feature a frosted glass enhancing the look even further.

Strength in numbers

Modern Kitchen Roof Cabinet - Infinity Sydney

The handles are easy to grip and quick and easy to use. It also doubles as an elegant design element.

Door design

Modern Kitchen Handle - Infinity Sydney

The storage units and drawers are roomy. The designs are not limited but have a choice of quality materials available to choose from. These include toughened glass drawer bottoms making it an even more refined design.

Modern Kitchen Sydney - Infinity

Overall we provide you more space. With all the accessories we have readily available, such as large drawers, containers, flap doors enabling quick opening and closing. Pull out column units for bottles and bulky items.

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