Don’t Make These Seven Mistakes When Installing Your Contemporary Kitchen

You’ve heard this question so many times that you take it for granted while searching for a perfect kitchen style. What do I need to do in order to achieve the ultimate contemporary style in my new or renovated kitchen? Well, here’s a surprisingly simple solution to this complex and time consuming kitchen-design-puzzle. If you can avoid some of the most common mistakes associated with the installation of your contemporary kitchen style, then you’re already more than a half way there. How to avoid these perfect kitchen style killers? First, you need to identify some of the most common ones.

Don’t Turn Your Kitchen “Work Triangle” Into a Bermuda Triangle

How many steps you need to make between your kitchen sink, stove, and refrigerator? These main work centres of your kitchen are the main points of your kitchen work triangle. If you make a mistake about setting the right kitchen work triangle, you’ll get a dysfunctional kitchen. Here’s a word of advice. Don’t be ashamed to make a drawing of your own kitchen triangle. Especially, before you’re done with the installation itself.

Make Your Kitchen Trendy, but Not Too Trendy

We understand your contemporary kitchen’s enthusiasm and burning desire to reach the absolute design perfection, but this doesn’t mean you should turn your back to the “classics”. In other words, you should look for and achieve a healthy balance between the so-called modern-must-have elements and timeless kitchen design classics. One this is more than certain here: black, grey, earth, and while tones will never go out of the contemporary kitchen style.

Be Patient with Your Kitchen Appliances’ Locations and Types

Here’s a bitter truth about shiny kitchen appliances. They don’t get along with the hasty temper of impatient home owners. Think twice what you’re going to acquire for your, and more importantly, where you’re going to put it, eventually.

Don’t “Cut Off” Your Kitchen

Do you really want to turn your dream kitchen into an isolated island in your home while chasing your contemporary ideals? No matter how progressive and modern your new kitchen style may be, you need to go back to the “basics”. This means that the “great rooms” where your loved ones spend most of their time have to have functional “corridors” with your kitchen. Go for an open kitchen concept design, and you won’t make a mistake.

Don’t Skimp on Kitchen Lighting

This isn’t only an aesthetic question, but also an important decision, which may influence your kitchen practical use and safety. Therefore, don’t skimp on your lighting.

A Personal Touch is Never Too Much

At the end of the long day, you’re going to end up in your kitchen making meals and spending time with your loved ones. It’s simple, let your contemporary kitchen style suits you the way you want it.

Huge Islands = Huge Problems

Just because an over-sized island is among the most popular kitchen style trends, it doesn’t mean you should embrace it unconditionally.

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