Top 10 Kitchen Accessories if Money is No Object!

What to include in a kitchen, when money is the least of your worries? Well, this may seem as an easy and a trivial question, but there’s a catch. If you want to simplify things, all you have to do is to put a kitchen benchtop made of pure gold, and you’re ready for the cover of an interior design magazine. Instead, we’re talking about a dream come true situation for any true kitchen design enthusiast. Imagine for a moment that your budget is made of your wishes, and here’s what your ideal contemporary kitchen accessories would include.

Smart Refrigerator

If your first thought of your dream kitchen accessory was to use your state-of-the-art smart refrigerator as a WiFi hotspot, then we have to say, this is such a cliché. How about breathtaking features, such as additional temperature control and adjustment, touch displays, remote control, and similar, for a change?

Custom Made Ranges, Cooktops and Ovens

It comes without saying that these elements are first to be sacrificed, because of your budget and space limitations. Unfortunately, the simplest solution, which includes the custom design, is the most expensive one.

Apron Front Sink

This is a great way to fight your kitchen’s design monotony successfully. An apron-front sink is a true eye-catcher, for a reason. For the profound touch of luxury, a copper stainless sink is always a win-win.

Smart Dishwasher

Kitchen accessories can’t go pass without a smart dishwasher. What more can possibly your kitchen dishwasher offer? Well, the most expensive ones with a dozen of different wash cycles, including a delayed start and highly appreciated eco-friendly options. There’s no need to mention that this kind of a dishwasher has to fit your kitchen, and not the other way around.

Wine Refrigerator

This is a true synonym for a luxury not only in your kitchen, but your home and its overall prestigious design. The latest generation of wine refrigerators includes advanced temperature settings in more than two different zones, and the stunning capacity to harbour almost one hundred bottles.

Luxury Kitchen Countertops

How can you tell, if your kitchen countertop is a luxury one? Well, if its price is somewhere around $100 per square foot, then you know, for sure. When you add to it a custom design, shapes and size, then you’re very likely to fulfil your wildest kitchen accessory dreams.

Luxury Kitchen Lighting

Honestly speaking, a fully functional lighting solution is never a luxury in your kitchen design. Yet, for this extravagant design scenario lighting is an ultimate goal for itself.

Pot Filler

One may overlook having a proper pot filler as one of your must have kitchen accessories. Do you really need one, having in mind that you’ve already installed a kitchen sink? Well, there’s no one around to tell you when enough is enough for your ultimate kitchen design. Right?

Kitchen Tile Work

It’s all about the materials you’re going to use and well-known kitchen designers you’re going to hire, isn’t it?

Custom Handmade Cabinetry

Just look for a label Made-in-Italy, and you’re not going to make a mistake.

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