Top 10 Modern Kitchen Designs

Talking about modern kitchen designs can be quite a daunting and sometimes very ungrateful task. Confronted with the overwhelming abundance of countless styles and material choices, it’s no wonder you feel a little bit lost, confused, or even frustrated. The more you read, Google, or research in this field, the more you realize, how difficult is to make the right choice. Yet, there are a couple of trends, which represent a strong indication of the most influential contemporary kitchen designs. Here are the top 10 most important ones:

#1 Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Although, the contemporary kitchen cabinets tend to take up to ¾ of your available space for this purpose, the reasons for their popularity include: smoothness, uncomplicated structure and style. At the same time, this kind of a modern kitchen design allows you to improvise and play with available tones. The kitchen cabinets will always be trendy, you just need to find the proper one for your home.

#2 The Island-Mount Range Hood Kitchens

It may seem as the easiest thing for you to do, when making a decision about the most suitable kitchen design for your home or office. Let’s put an “island-table” in the middle of our kitchen, what’s there to think about it? Well, your “island” doesn’t have to be necessarily rewarded with the central position for granted. How about putting it against the wall, for a change? In addition, you’re strongly encouraged to experiment, among other things. The motorized or fully automatized island-mount hood can be an inspiring refreshing change for your kitchen. Here’s the most important question here. How big should be your kitchen “island”? Well, that depends on how much you’re willing to socialize in your kitchen.

#3 Kitchen Cabinet Fixtures

Cabinet fixtures have quite a notorious reputation, when it comes to contemporary and acceptable trends. No wonder, we’re eager to minimize the number of cabinet fixtures to the lowest level required to ensure our kitchen’s functionality. On the other side, there’s one thing we simply can’t ignore, and that’s usability. Who says that kitchen cabinet fixtures have to be necessarily bad for your modern design ideas?

#4 Glass Cabinet Doors

If you think that glass kitchen fronts are an outdated relic, which simply don’t belong to the modern design concepts, then you’re probably underestimating the power of in-cabinet lights. You can play with visual effects and colours as much as you want. You can easily turn glass kitchen surfaces into your most trusted design allies. You just have to try it yourself first-hand.

#5 Eco-Friendly Is Always Trendy

Can you really save our planet with your kitchen design? This is a wrong question to ask, when you’re examining eco-friendly materials for your kitchen. The simple truth is that all manufacturers are strongly influenced by the dominant wave of the necessity to comply unconditionally with the green technology requirements. Choosing eco-friendly materials for your kitchen means that you’re catching up with the promising tide of true contemporary design.

#6 Low-Hanging Pendant Lights

When it comes to your kitchen, you just can’t have enough of light, can you? However, the catch is to include additional lights with a style. Low-hanging pendant lights can be responsible for an eye-catching and appealing contemporary look of your kitchen. For some people these lights are nothing more than a decorative luxury. However, as soon as you have an opportunity to examine a few intriguing examples, you’ll realize that this simply can’t be true.

#7 The True Sense of Exotic With The Countertop Materials

There are no exaggerations, when it comes to exotic countertop elements and materials. It’s an interesting thing to see how the modern kitchen design allows you to use traditional materials, such as stone or granite-like countertops for your kitchen. Even concrete, zinc, or stainless steel countertops are welcome in the world of modern kitchen designs. Nevertheless, you should be fully aware of both advantages and downsides of making an exotic countertop a part of your kitchen “family”. We’ve already mentioned the exotic look, but we shouldn’t forget the limited options your stone or granite countertop provides you with. It’s an expensive and a complicated thing to change your countertop made of granite or stone after only a couple of months. Right?

#8 A Cabinet-Depth Refrigerator

There’s only one way for a refrigerator not to be treated as the unwelcome guest in your modern kitchen, and that’s to ensure its “edge-friendly-character” with your kitchen cabinet. Luckily for you, the modern refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes, which makes it easy for you to find a perfect place for them in your trendy kitchen.

#9 The Monochrome Kitchen Colours

The monochromatic colour scheme is an absolute must for your contemporary kitchen design. Literally, all shades of grey and white colours are acceptable for these purposes, including the timeless black. Think about Super White and Austere Gray as your preferred choices.

#10 It’s All About Appliances

There’s no such a thing as an unnecessary appliance in your modern kitchen. However, the catch is to find a proper place for each and any of them. So, how can you accomplish the impossible task for any modern kitchen design, which asks from you to include so many appliances in a limited space? Well, start thinking about the integrated appliances as one of the solutions.

Instead of a Conclusion

We don’t expect from you to make a decision in ten minutes time, after you’re done with the reading of our article about the top ten modern kitchen designs. It’s actually more likely that you would be even more confused about the proper choice you have to make sooner or later. However, at the end of the day, you’ll be the one to say what’s contemporary or not for your kitchen. It’s our job to provide you with the available options, and a juicy detail, which has been hiding among our trends, with miraculous visual effects for your kitchen.