Top 6 Kitchen Design Trends 2016

Is there a better way to welcome the New Year into your home, than with a new piece of furniture? Probably there isn’t, and what’s even more important to say, you haven’t truly revamped your interior design, without a new kitchen. Right? Here are some of the most exciting kitchen design trends to dominate our kitchens in 2016.

Precious Metal for Your Designer Kitchen

It seems that metals just can’t stop gaining more popularity over the past few years among both kitchen designers and end users. This just couldn’t be truer for the so-called warm metallics, such as gold, brass, or copper. On the other hand, if your kitchen design instincts are pushing you toward stainless steel or silver, you aren’t going to make a mistake. However, your choice may raise an eyebrow here and there among your new kitchen visitors and users.

Porcelain Surfaces

If you still haven’t used porcelain for your kitchen design, there’s a high probability you certainly will in 2016. This modern kitchen material has quite a few attractive advantages to offer, including low-porosity and high-density structure among others. Without any exaggeration we can expect from porcelain surfaces to become the true game-changers in the world of the contemporary kitchen design.

Texture, Just Can’t Get Enough of Texture

The modern kitchen design, which puts a strong emphasis on texture, is definitely a must have and try in 2016. The textured laminates are going to dominate kitchens next year, for sure. The eye-catching depth, warm, and natural feeling this design brings with it, will certainly win quite a few hearts of true kitchen enthusiasts. Look for benchtops, which are the best choice for incorporating appealing texture into your kitchen and home.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric motifs are coming back into our kitchens design trends in 2016, in style. The great things about geometric shapes is a unique possibility of coming up with a compromising solution between modern and traditional kitchen design concepts. Just imagine rectangular tiles or hexagonal shapes in your new kitchen design, and you’ll become a huge fan of these patterns before you know it.

Engineered Material Alternatives

In case your available budget can’t match your new kitchen design enthusiasm, then engineered materials can be a lifesaving alternative for expensive natural materials. You can rest assured that these materials have significantly improved their realistic feeling over the time. The kitchen design game has definitely changed for them. Nowadays, it’s hard or almost impossible to say whether a certain material in your kitchen is engineered or not. Take an advantage of the affordable eye-catching natural reproductions in 2016.

Ultra-Thin Benchtops

Well, it’s about time for us to welcome new attractive and barely-visible benchtops. The-thinner-the-better formula has found itself a fruitful ground among the popular kitchen designs in 2016. Thanks to the new materials and technologies, we can now talk about the breathtaking millimetre thickness of your kitchen benchtops. The possibilities are literally limitless with the new thin benchtops.

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