What are the characteristics of a quality kitchen company?

What are the characteristics of a quality kitchen company?

When choosing a company to help make your new kitchen dreams a reality, you will need to know what to look for. This will help you to recognise quality in the service they offer.


The first place to start is with the legal aspect of the company. Does it have an established trading name and office or showroom? Has it been in business for a long time? Has it continued in business without accumulating too many customer complaints? Hopefully it will have a reputation of providing good service and reliable timing, with quality materials. If you have doubts, you can contact Fair Trading and find out about the company’s history. With less established operators, you take your chances as to whether they will be around for help or follow-up, or in some cases, to even finish the job.


Next, look at the materials they are using. Are they environmentally friendly, containing non-toxic materials or formaldehyde? You want to be sure you are not incorporating materials that might harm you over time. A quality kitchen company pays attention to these kinds of details.

Also of course, the materials need to be of good quality, reliability and durability. Take hinges for example. A quality kitchen company will know how to weigh up the positives and negatives of using Asian-made hinges or mechanisms in the drawers and doors, as these can lack the durability that European made mechanisms provide. There are certain shortcuts in quality that reputable companies will know to avoid, as they are not ultimately helpful.

Methods and experience

A quality kitchen supplier will have experience in the field and will be familiar with the traps of inferior methods of design. The thickness of the boards in the cabinetry, for example, has to be 18 mm. The doors have to be thicker than 18 mm. The structural elements should allow a good weight on the bench top but not be too heavy. Attention to structural detail and knowledge of what is required are foundational necessities.

Service and reliability

Good business sense and attention to detail go hand in hand with running a quality kitchen company. As a customer you want to know that your order or enquiry will be taken care of correctly and that business systems and organisational skills are in place to facilitate the smooth workings of the job at hand.

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