What are the differences between imported and Australian made kitchens?

The main differences between these are found in the materials, designs and technologies used.

Most Australian companies do not have access to the latest technologies coming out of Europe until well after they have hit the market over there. Then, it takes time for manufacturers here to observe and then integrate the new trends and developments into their own manufacturing templates and processes to create doors, mechanisms, drawers and so on that are in line with those technologies.

So, effectively if you want to be ahead of the trends and get leading edge designs and the freshest, newest ideas in kitchen manufacture, then it is well worth looking at importing a kitchen made in Europe, particularly for kitchen units in the mid- to high-end price ranges.


You might be surprised to hear that you arelikely to be better served price-wise by importing from Europe, if you are buying in the higher quality and price range. The reason for this is that when importing a kitchen—from Italy for instance—the quality materials have already been accessed there at a wholesale price and the imported items are purchased direct from the factory. This represents a significant saving in overall costs.

The alternative of manufacturing here usually still involves importing the same high quality materials from Europe, but with the mark-ups added for the local importer and supplier, plus the actual cost of manufacturing the product here. In this upper price bracket, when all is balanced out, you can get a high quality European kitchen in the latest style and design for a better price than buying it locally made here.


Budget Prices

As the cost of using quality, imported materials is a significant factor in pricing, if you are after a kitchen in the budget-priced range, then you are better served to buy a locally-made kitchen employing local materials.

Timbers grown here offer inspiring options for warm highlights or stylish additions, and there are many functional and stylish options to choose from in sturdy durable materials, like polyurethane for instance.

While not at the sharp, leading edge of the newest technologies, kitchens manufactured here still offer a good quality solution, especially in the mid- to low-priced range of the market.
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