What are the different types of kitchen cabinets?

What are the different types of kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinetry and doors are typically made of particle board or MDF, and coated or covered in materials such as these:

  • timber veneer
  • laminate
  • 2pac
  • polyurethane varnish
  • melamine
  • metal or stainless steel
  • glass

As for cabinet designs, kitchens have evolved from the ones where we would struggle to get anything out of the back of the shelf, or to see what’s hidden behind the front line in the cupboard.

In more and more kitchens built today, people are taking advantage of new conveniences, like pull-out drawers in pantry spaces; mechanisms like rotating cupboard shelves; and overhead doors that lift up, bend and fold away, instead of conventional swing doors. There are even motorised options and clever fold-away devices. European stylings are very popular right now, with their state-of-the-art designs for modern kitchens.

Factories are coming up with solutions to make navigating our way around the pantry or cupboards a piece of cake … so to speak.

Instead of old style cupboard doors under benches, there are smooth, wide, gliding drawer designs that allow you to access what’s at the back as easily as the front, and to see in from above. Rather than having to bend at awkward angles, now everything comes to you with a lightness of touch in ingenious designs. Pull-out racks in the pantry can hold a lot of weight and difficult-sized articles.

For storage of smaller items, there are divider systems and even corner-shaped drawers, to take full advantage of all spaces and keep things within handy reach, streamlining cooking, preparation and kitchen work.

The best way to appreciate the wonderful ideas and innovations in storage spaces is to see them for yourself! Our showroom at Eurolife has many inspiring designs to view and catalogues and material for even more information and options to consider! Come and see us and we’ll be delighted to show you around.