What’s Trending in Kitchen Designs?

Each season there is tremendous interest in the latest kitchen designs. People are always looking to create their perfect style. The popularity of home renovation shows on TV reflects the keen attraction Australians have to achieving a workable and aesthetically pleasing kitchen space.

So, with so many options available out there, what are the kitchen design trends worth noting?

Here’s an exciting glimpse of what’s hot in the kitchen market…

European Kitchen Trends

People these days are increasingly taking their cues in kitchen design from European trends. Stylish and innovative exhibits, such as those shown in Milan this year at ‘Eurocucina’ (one of the biggest kitchen trade shows in the world), are being emulated by many here at home.

In the past, the trend had been towards the sterile, clean white, “magazine style” kitchen, utilising plain laminates and solid colours in polyurethane. Now, designs are incorporating a mixture of textures and materials and pairing styles and materials together, to create interiors of great character and contrast.

Exciting Combinations

Many ‘loft’ and ‘industrial chic’ styles are combining urban and rustic influences, featuring exposed brick walls and high ceiling spaces. Materials such as roughly hewn stone and unfinished or reclaimed wood might be mixed with elements of glass, bronze, copper or stainless steel, to create unique and interesting designs, sometimes accented with elements of nature, such as built-in planters or fresh fruit and vegetable displays.

Obviously your home’s existing style of construction plays a large role in your choosing what is suitable for your kitchen living space. Certainly, these modern trending ‘flavours’ lend themselves to the converted warehouse-style spaces popular in urban areas.

Trending Kitchen Materials

The materials we have seen people using lately include a lot of real timber – natural oaks and Scandinavian-style woods – with their richness of tones, and colour variations. Oak is an enduring favourite for its strength, longevity and the rich browns, reds and pale gold colours that it can have.

Glass is a very versatile material, and many lately have been appreciating the quality of the glass designs available.

Another material often chosen is polyurethane because of its durability, hardness, and the range of colours available in the market. It also has different finishes such as matt, gloss and satin, making it a flexible option for different types of kitchens and furniture.

Overall, materials in subdued natural colours are now overtaking the previous popular choice of high-gloss, lacquered look components. Satin finish stainless steel continues to be a sought-after element.

Fittings for Kitchens

Fittings are an important part of what’s hot! Whereas in the past, a kitchen was a pretty standard functional room, now designs have evolved to incorporate all manner of time-saving and space-smart solutions. Clever storage ideas make kitchen use more practical and convenient.

Stylish light fittings and even chandeliers bring warmth, character and brightness to kitchen workspaces.

Large, easy-to-access drawers in the lower cupboard spaces are popular, as they do away with having to bend over and access those hard-to-reach spaces at the back of the old style cupboards. Open shelving and display is being utilised nowadays, to break up older, heavier styles of closed, fitted cabinets.

Split-level bench-tops (such as in some breakfast bars) give way to uniform-height ones, to better utilise all available working spaces. Generally, appliances and fittings that make kitchen life easier and more streamlined are increasingly popular.

Traditional Kitchens

Of course, a traditional country style kitchen is still the favourite in maybe 20 percent of cases. This will probably continue as an enduring preference for many in the future.

Looking Ahead

In coming years, trends are likely to retain traditional aesthetics and incorporate newer components. This “classic contemporary” style mixes successful designs from the past with modern and natural elements available today, and incorporates convenient, new, time-saving ideas.

If you are looking to create your dream kitchen, check out the latest kitchen trends. Take your time to see what’s available so you can make each space count, by choosing designs that best enhance your enjoyment and the value of your kitchen.

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