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What is an average cost of a new kitchen?

In general our kitchens start from around $17,000, but the main factors are the size of the kitchen and materials used. You will also need to take into account the cost of a bench top, splash back, appliances and trades which will add to an overall cost of the entire kitchen renovation..

How long does it take to install a kitchen?

Once your old kitchen is removed, you will need to allow 1-2 days to prep the walls and the floors. At the same time electrical and plumbing works might take place to meet new design requirements, if any. Depending on the size of your new kitchen, installation of cabinets will take another 1-2 days. Then you will need to allow approximately 10 days for bench top and splash back manufacture and installation. Any electrical and plumbing connections and any finishing touches should be complete in the next few days and your kitchen is ready to use!

Who is supervising installation of kitchens and wardrobes supplied by Eurolife?

We always aim to provide all our customers with start-to-end project management.
Moreover, you will always deal with the same person from initial consultation to design, installation and maintenance.
With our comprehensive expertise we are dedicated to provide a full project management service and will organize everything from start to finish to ensure your renovation will run efficiently and on time.

Can I organize my own tradespeople such as electrician and plumber?

You are welcome to use any of your own tradespeople. In this case we will provide full shop drawings and instructions to prepare for kitchen installation.

Do you import stone bench tops from Italy?

No we do not import stone. Bench tops will be measured and installed by a stonemason once the kitchen cabinets are installed.

Who will install my kitchen/ wardrobe?

We have a great team of installers working exclusively for us. They have many years of experience working with our products. Furthermore, we will always personally supervise every installation.

What materials are used to make your kitchens and wardrobes?

We are sincerely respectful of the environment and people around us and therefore only work with suppliers who use top grade environmentally sustainable materials. All our products do not contain any toxic substances such as formaldehyde ensuring safe environment for people who purchase our products..

We hear all European kitchens and wardrobes are modular. How flexible are you in terms of design and customization?

Although we do implement modular system for aesthetic reasons, most of our kitchens and joinery are custom-designed. In the past we have designed and produced stunning kitchens, living room furniture, functional wall units, home offices, children’s rooms, bars, home theatre, state-of-the art dressing rooms.

What is an average cost of a wardrobe?

Prices start from $7000 for wardrobes with sliding or hinged doors and from $10,000 for walk in wardrobes and dressing rooms. The total cost will depend on the size, materials, finishes and complexity of design and installation.

Where are your kitchens and wardrobes manufactured?

All our kitchens and wardrobes exclusively manufactured in Italy by Stosa Coucine and Presotto Italia using top quality materials, innovative technology, implementing functionality and great design.

What is involved in the designing stage?

At Eurolife, we start with the blank piece of paper and… your brief.
During the design consultation, we will discuss your needs and personal taste in depth so we understand exactly what you want.
We will take into account your space requirements and ensure all new design elements complement the rest of your home.

Do you help or organise the appliances required for the project?

Yes we do

What if I am already working with a carpenter, can I just purchase the kitchen and get it installed myself?

You are welcome to use any of your own tradespeople. In this case, we will provide full shop drawings and instructions for kitchen installation.

Do you accept credit cards?

Most of them

What benefits are there in purchasing a Eurolife Kitchen?

UNIQUE MATERIALS AND FINISHES from famous Italian manufactures at affordable prices

Will I need any permits to start the job?

In some cases, mostly if you live in an apartment you need to apply to strata to get approval to renovate your kitchen.

How long does it take to get kitchen delivered from Italy?

It usually takes between 10-12 weeks for delivery to Australia.

How long does it take to install a kitchen cabinetry or a wardrobe?

Installation of cabinets varies, depending on complexity or simplicity of the design. But on average it takes a day to install the cabinets. Installation of any stone tops and splashback will be confirmed once kitchen is installed.

How flexible are your contracts, will there be any extra charges once the contract is signed?

Client can make minor changes to agreed design up until the moment the kitchen went into production. Any alterations to original specifications or design after this stage will incur additional charge

Do you remove the existing kitchen? Does that cost extra?

Our contractor does for an additional cost

Do you help in making the best out of the space we have available?

Yes we do provide service of space planning

Are all your contractors licensed, registered businesses and insured?

Yes they are

Do I need to pay extra for a designer?

Eurolife offers a free and no obligation design and planning service.

In what order do you go from start to finish a project?

Room measure
Ordering of kitchen
Room preparation :
/old kitchen demolition
/new kitchen installation
/ benchtops-splashbacks check measure and production
/benchtop-splashbacks installation
/Appliances installation

Are all the cabinets and draws premade before they get to the home?

Yes. In order to achieve best result all cabinets are premade in a factory and drawers as well as all other hardware.

Does the kitchen hardware also come from Italy or are these sourced in Australia?

All of the hardware used in our kitchens is a German made high end brand such as Hafele, Grass, Blum, Hettich.
Can be also sourced locally

Will the installation cost be included in the quote?

The cost of installation as well as all other trades involved will be indicated in a contract

How long is the warranty and what does it cover?

Ten (10) years warranty unless the damage occurred due to customer’s fault or water damage or fire damage.

Do you organise taps and fittings?

Most of clients purchasing by themselves however we can assist

Do you help in replacing appliances if required?


What types of benchtops do you supply, do we have a choice in this?

Client has large variety of the benchtops, stone, stainless steel, laminated.

Can you organise splashbacks if that’s what we prefer?

Yes we can

What preparation needs to be done by us before you start installing the kitchen?

To make space to accommodate new kitchen delivered to your home prior to installation.
All other preparations can be arranged by as or your builder

Does it matter how large or small a kitchen is, or do only work with certain sizes?

We do any kitchen regardless to the size

Will you help in utilising / maximising space?


Do you help with colours?


Do you also help out with the smaller details?


Do you recreate a suitable layout or do you just use the current layout?

We trying to recreate where is possible to achieve best practical and elegant kitchen layout.

Can anything I currently have in my kitchen be reused with the new kitchen?

Some appliances can be reused but all structural elements and kitchen hardware must be new

Do you work out how to get the best lighting for the kitchen?