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What is an average cost of a new kitchen?

In general our kitchens start from around $17,000, but the main factors are the size of the kitchen and materials used. You will also need to take into account the cost of a bench top, splash back, appliances and trades which will add to an overall cost of the entire kitchen renovation.

How long does it take to install a kitchen?

Who is supervising installation of kitchens and wardrobes supplied by Eurolife?

Can I organize my own tradespeople such as electrician and plumber?

What is an average cost of a wardrobe?

Where are your kitchens and wardrobes manufactured?

What materials are used to make your kitchens and wardrobes?

We hear all European kitchens and wardrobes are modular. How flexible are you in terms of design and customization?

Do you import stone bench tops from Italy?

Who will install my kitchen/ wardrobe?

How long does it take to get kitchen delivered from Italy?

How long does it take to install a kitchen cabinetry or a wardrobe?

What benefits are there in purchasing a Eurolife Kitchen?

How long does it take from design to finish the project?

What makes us different?

Will I need any permits to start the job?

What if I am already working with a carpenter, can I just purchase the kitchen and get it installed myself?

Do you accept credit cards?

What is involved in the designing stage?

Do you help or organise the appliances required for the project?

Will the installation cost be included in the quote?

How long is the warranty and what does it cover?

Are all the cabinets and draws premade before they get to the home?

Does the kitchen hardware also come from Italy or are these sourced in Australia?

Do I need to pay extra for a designer?

In what order do you go from start to finish a project?

Do you help in making the best out of the space we have available?

Are all your contractors licensed, registered businesses and insured?

How flexible are your contracts, will there be any extra charges once the contract is signed?

Do you remove the existing kitchen? Does that cost extra?

What preparation needs to be done by us before you start installing the kitchen?

Does it matter how large or small a kitchen is, or do only work with certain sizes?

What types of benchtops do you supply, do we have a choice in this?

Can you organise splashbacks if that’s what we prefer?

Do you organise taps and fittings?

Do you help in replacing appliances if required?

Can anything I currently have in my kitchen be reused with the new kitchen?

Do you work out how to get the best lighting for the kitchen?

Do you also help out with the smaller details?

Do you recreate a suitable layout or do you just use the current layout?

Will you help in utilising / maximising space?

Do you help with colours?

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