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Color Trend is the kitchen which is minimalist in style, maximalist in personalisation. Its lacquered doors your kitchen into an artistic space where new, special colour schemes can be brought to life.

Color Trend, the name itself says it all, this distinctive collection is defined by smooth finish doors in an extensive range of colours for building single tone or multi-colour kitchens.

Stunning embellishing effects can be attained by substituting the colours of your kitchen elements. When the furniture expresses in colours, your kitchen represents its originality to the full.

Color Trend is assured to satisfy your style and functionality needs whether you fancy the stunning effect of various colour combinations or the neat, fundamental look of a single-tone kitchen.

Personalized Kitchen Solutions for Every Style

Personalisation is an added key attribute of Color Trend. The doors become a canvas for creativity because of the forming of a continuous surface.

Color Trend kitchens can be individualized by adopting different accessories and finishes and even by combining elements from other collections to form uniquely special combinations.

Color Trend is an absolutely transversal kitchen and the ultimate interpretation of flexibility in design. The inclusion of units from other kitchen models lets you customize your domestic space according to needs and preferences.

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