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At the core of Karma’s design philosophy lies a clean-cut and minimalist approach, which is perfectly suited for customers who appreciate clean lines and a harmonious blend of contrasting materials and colours.

Karma’s distinctive features include doors with integrated handles, three types of opening mechanisms, and varying handle lengths, which not only lend an original look to the kitchen but also ensure maximum functionality. The elements that define Karma’s design contribute to creating dynamic and visually balanced kitchen compositions, incorporating intelligent living solutions. The drawers, available in different sizes (12, 24, and 36 cm), allow for experimentation with alternating volumes and clean lines, resulting in a more compact kitchen.

Karma’s integrated handles with ergonomic grip ledges ensure a clean and geometric design throughout the kitchen, while its smart storage solutions make use of all available space while maintaining the clean line theme.

The defining characteristic of Karma is its clean-cut design, which is a testament to the fact that anyone with this kitchen in their home deserves only the best.

Karma is available in a wide range of popular colours and finishes, including PET, textured laminate, lacquer, and thermo-structured wood, providing ample opportunities for customization and personalization.

122 Victoria Rd, Drummoyne NSW 2047, Australia