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Virginia kitchens by Stosa. A contemporary version of the Traditional style.

Virginia blends contemporary design solutions with a conventional style. Its acquisition represents a pure, country-chic look in which rustic warmth sees new stability in an impeccable modern setting. The authentic details and refined ambience breathe life into the latest version of a simple classic kitchen.

The collection of Virginia signifies a beautiful form of comfort through renown materials, finishes, and advanced technical solutions. Floral decorations, decapé surfaces, mouldings, and natural wood grain form attractive, cozy kitchens that fuse the rustic character with modern wellbeing.

Virginia presents appearances and functionality: The modules are specially designed for maximum capacity, with base cabinets and wall units cover secret compartments for additional storage space. The tall units integrate the appliances of the kitchen and open modules, columns, and drawers which give instantaneous access to all the utensils you require.

122 Victoria Rd, Drummoyne NSW 2047, Australia