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posted Apr 13 2021

With a new way of living and more time being spent at home, kitchen is one of the places where you spend most of the time as a family. Kitchens are evolving, with it being converted into home offices and classrooms. Either, if you are planning to buy your dream house or reinvent your modular kitchen, make sure to have it as a multi-functional space in your home.
At par with the changing times, along with hygiene and cleanliness multiple other design ideas for kitchen like the surface, colour, fixtures are among the most popular kitchen designs in 2021.

Technology Integrated Kitchens:
The use of technology is not only limited to your living rooms and office rooms, it extends into the kitchens too. Technology is incorporated in many of the modern kitchen’s/ Sydney Kitchen’s devices, faucets, lighting etc. These are just not any fancy devices that lie idle in the corner of your kitchen but life-saving devices like the heat sensors used in fire alarms.
Renovated kitchens too can integrate such kind of technology and a smart kitchen can be brought into the picture. Coffee makers that can have your coffee ready when you wake up, refrigerators giving you a list of items that you are running out of, Faucets controlling the flow of water using motion sensors and lighting of your kitchen that can be controlled from your smartphone are all part of the modern kitchen designs.
These smart kitchens are amongst the greatest trends in 2021 with users wanting to have a hands-on experience with the latest technology.

Going back to the Natural way
Sleek modern kitchens have long been in trend but a big trend that is expected to happen this year is the usage of wood, the natural way. After a point of time, the basics tend to make a comeback and be the trend. The same applies to kitchen designs. People have begun to explore sustainable furniture and wood is one of the best options. You can have the kitchen completely in natural brown/wood colour. Or you can create dual-tone shades for your kitchen by combining the lighter and darker shades of oak. When you combine it with marble or any natural stone, counter tops and kitchen islands wood can fit in wonderfully.

Marbled Kitchen designs
 Marbles have been synonymous with luxury and style and have been in use for a long time. But in 2021, interior design for kitchens are including and bringing back heavily veined marble into the trend. Using large veined marble in open spaces is a popular trend. Marbles have made their comeback because of their durability, sustainability and classic looks. With insecure times, investing in reliable decors is the popular choice. Marbles are also a great option for bathrooms, kitchen islands. 
You can mix marbles with metals that are either in contrast to the golden faucets and handles or in textured metals that are aligned to your strongly veined marble to create an elegant look.

Instant Boiling water
In today’s age, everything needs to be instant and hot water taps will be the most sought after trend in new Kitchen Design Ideas in 2021. Hot water taps provide a safe and energy-efficient solution to get instant boiling water. Without searching for a pan or kettle, you can use the hot water for food preparation. Instant boiling water transforms your cooking methods and eases your everyday cooking. Some of the modern kitchen gadgets have the sophistication to not only deliver hot water but also provide you with chilled and sparkling water.

Modernizing your splashback
 Splashback design in your modular kitchen can be modernized by aligning the tiles vertically instead of horizontally. This stylistic shift of the splashback provides a sleek and modern look to your kitchen. Instead of using subway tiles, large-sized tiles and tiles with various textures and patterns or slabs made of quartz, marble, wood can be used. The colour choice for the splashback is endless. The colour can be chosen based on other shades that you choose for the kitchen. It allows you to be creative. If you are opting for a classic look, then neutral patterns can be chosen. 
When it comes to coverage, splashback can be covered up to the ceiling as upper wall cabinets are removed. You can create a style statement in your kitchen by achieving a featured splashback. 

Connections to outdoors
One of the new Kitchen Design Ideas in 2021 is creating a physical and a visual connection to outdoors from your kitchen. The connection can be made by having a dutch door or a large window or by installing a glass door in your kitchen. This can connect your kitchen and outside entertainment areas. These not only connect two spaces of your home but also provides a fresh air flow, a desirable trend in the current day scenario. 
If you already have a small window by your sink, then it can be re-modified by installing a 6 feet wide window. This may require a reframing of your wall cabinets which is also in trend.

Artistic Kitchen
As you start spending more and more time in the kitchen with your family, include more photographs, decorative ceramics, hand-painted sketches and other wall decors on your walls. This brings life to your modular kitchen and also gives a personality to your kitchen. All those empty walls and shelves can be adorned with happy faces and beautiful pictures. These personalized kitchens let you relive your nostalgic memories and it is a simple method to give design ideas to your kitchen and a makeover without burning a hole in your pocket.

Simple Yet Powerful
When you return home, you would like to have a stress free environment to return to. Therefore streamlined and simple kitchens are expected to become a great design idea for the kitchen this year. Upper wall cabinets usage has been reducing and it is being removed in recent years. This makes your kitchen appear larger and also making it brighter. Additionally removing upper wall cabinets gives more space and counter-tops can be used productively.
Keeping it simple doesn’t mean the usual glossy and polished finishes that you have always but textured materials can be used. For back-splashes, consider using sculpted or stacked designs. You can also complement with pendant lighting to make it elegant.

Storage solutions
Last year not only saw families spending quality time in the kitchen, but also the discovery of a new chef in every home. Due to the chefs at home, there was an increase in the number of utensils, appliances and grocery items bought in every home. And so it would be better if you start planning your kitchen designs with increased storage spaces. For appliances, you can have drawers, dividers and utensils that can be arranged in the roll-out trays and caddies. And for ingredients, you can have them in pantries and freezers.
All the food goods and kitchen utilities can be neatly stacked in pantry cupboards. The main advantage of having a pantry is that, all the food items need not be scattered everywhere in the kitchen but can be arranged in the cupboards in an organized manner. Baking goods can be stored in freezers. The sole purpose of having a great storage solution is to make your cooking enjoyable and daily lives effortless.

Introduce serene colors
Having a white kitchen will always remain a classic choice. But as you are spending more and more time in the kitchen, having a pop of colours in your kitchen is one of the trending kitchen decor ideas of 2021 . The colours you choose tend to influence your emotions, so go ahead and choose sage green, brooding blues or add a dash of colours to your kitchen.Just like how comfort foods give you the satisfaction, warm colors give you comfort and compassion. Let the colours you choose lift your energy of your family.

Beautify Range Hoods
New Kitchen Design Ideas in 2021 include trends in beautifying the range hoods. Instead of having plain stainless steel range hoods, it can be done with wood, brick, mixed metal or plaster hoods. Apart from functioning as a ventilation point, it is focused as a decorative unit. As the range and hood is the most seen part from any other room of your house, designing it would beautify your kitchen. Hood designs in square shapes with slabs facing them eases cleaning. These are also popular due to the minimalistic style of design. Customised steel hoods can also be used to create a difference in a long row of wood cabinetry.

Kitchen Islands
large kitchen islands are one of the trending design ideas for kitchen in 2021. Gone are the days when the family used to gather together in dining halls. All the members of the family hang out and get involved in all the cooking activities. Even if they do not indulge in cooking, they have moved their office works and classes to kitchens. When a large number of people are there doing various tasks all at once, then it calls for a large kitchen island with multiple seating. The kitchen islands can serve numerous purposes be it casual dining or can accommodate work and study. Therefore transforming your kitchen into a working kitchen.

To give your kitchen decor a trendy look, you can have a marble island unit and add a vintage metal drawer unit at one end of the island to have it as a multipurpose space. The drawer unit helps you to declutter items and get them neatly piled.

Eurolife Sydney Kitchens caters to all your furniture needs and provides complete interior services for your kitchen. ‘Colour trend’, ‘Frame’, ‘Metropolis’,’Infinity’,’Aliant’ and ‘Natural’ are some of the modern Italian kitchen designs available. These kitchen designs at Eurolife Sydney are most popular and are in latest trends with the new kitchen design ideas of 2021 .

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