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posted Apr 28 2021

10 Steps to Design Your Dream Kitchen!

Planning the ideal kitchen is one of the interesting remodelling ventures, a house owner can take on. It lets you be artistic, execute functional designs, and make utilize all the Pinterest ideas you’ve chosen over a long time. But, when it comes down to planning your kitchen, it can get a bit intense, if you don’t know what you’re creating. No matter what your domestic remodelling encounter may be, here is a step-by-step preparation for planning your dream kitchen.

1.Assess your Kitchen
List the products you need in your kitchen. Assessing your current kitchen is the primary step in any kitchen plan. You’ll need to figure out what you cherish about your kitchen and what you would like to include, alter, or adjust to form way better. This process should support you to find your “must-have” plan products, as well as what you’ll do without. For example, you’ll find it essential to introduce a pot-filler over your stove to have hot water quickly and speed up your cooking. Otherwise, you may want a breakfast corner that’s away from your eating area. Whatever your basic kitchen products are, make a list of them, and decide which ones are the most required for you. Don’t overlook and include the fundamental products you wish to have like countertops, cabinets, appliances and flooring.

2.Create an Outline for your kitchen
Once you’ve finalized what you need for your kitchen to have, you should figure out a sketch of how your kitchen will appear. It might surprise you, but your kitchen floor and dream kitchen layout are different from one another.
To make your kitchen sketch, you should have an understanding of your floor plan. You can either have a kitchen design company’s help or do it on your own on paper. The vital thing is to convert your sketch to scale. Your kitchen layout will be a correct portrayal of your existing kitchen floor, windows, walls and doors. From here, if you wish to create any fundamental changes, you’ll be able to make a duplicate of your layout and start arranging things like excluding a wall or adding a kitchen island. Doing so based on your existing layout will grant you a thought of how much space you’ve got to work with and have these. Continuing from your unique sketch or your arranged kitchen layout, start arranging cabinetry and appliances, make beyond any doubt to utilize a pencil to check up your floor plan with where you would like to have these products.

3.Decide a layout for your kitchen design
Once you’re fulfilled along with your sketch you’ll need to select which floor plan will work best for you. Whether you decide to keep the dream kitchen layout of your kitchen the same, or plan for major basic changes, choosing a plan could be an essential step in planning your kitchen. There are six major kinds of plans that are famous in recent kitchen plans. You’ll need to figure out which one will best fulfil you and your needs. The 6 types are listed below:
1.Island Kitchen Layout
2.U-Shaped Kitchen Layout
3.Landmass Kitchen Format
4.Kitchen Kitchen Layout
5.G-Shaped Kitchen Layout
6.L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

4.Research fixtures and appliances
At present, once you have the list of products you’d like in your kitchen plan, sketched out your kitchen design, and chosen a kitchen layout, you’ll need to begin getting precise. Begin inquiring about the sizes you favour for appliances, brands you like, and fixture types you’d like to have. This is just a preparatory phase and you’ll need to focus on the type, brand, size, etc. Let the Finishing, style and colour be finalized when choosing appropriate materials for your plan.

5.Storage Options
As you are done choosing the products for your kitchen, have designs neatly sketched and structured your kitchen well, you can start looking for storage options. To start with, find out which part of your kitchen requires more storage. Prepare a list of dry items that don’t need refrigeration, storable appliances, cooking utensils, and all those items that you have decked up on your counters. 
From the list you have prepared, you can start planning where you’ll store these things. There are multiple options to store all your food items and here are a few, bench storage, cabinet storage, drawer storage, and other perfect storage solutions

6.Put together your kitchen designs
Now the overall appearance of your kitchen design can be worked on.
To start, inquire yourself a couple of questions. Are you progressing to complement your kitchen design with your home’s style? Or differentiate your kitchen and make it stand out? What are the textures and colours would you like to exhibit in your kitchen? Do you wish to have bright colours or neutral tones? These questions and more have to be considered when you’re conceptualizing kitchen design.
Some of the popular kitchen design styles have been listed below that would help you to design your space.
1. Modern
2. Traditional
4. Transitional
5. Vintage
6. Glamorous

7.Pick the most suitable color scheme
After you’ve decided on the style you’d like to have in your kitchen, you’ll select a color scheme that will agree with your style. Choosing a color scheme can be a huge step in deciding the general appearance of your kitchen. Usually, your color scheme will depend on the style you choose for your kitchen plan. But, brown, white, and neutral colours are the prevalent choices for the kitchen interiosr. To know in detail about your kitchen color scheme let’s take a look at the well-known colors for your kitchen’s color scheme, including flooring color, appliance color, main color, backsplash color and cabinet color
1. Floor – White, Grey, Brown
2. Appliance – Panel, Black, Stainless Steel
3. Main – White, Gray, Brown
4. Backsplash – Beige, Gray, White
5. Cabinets – Medium Wood, Dark Wood, White

When it comes to picking the best paint shade for your kitchen walls, it can be difficult to start with. Irrespective of your style, you should choose a shade that can improve the overall design of your kitchen. Instead of having bright shades, neutral colours are a good choice for your kitchen wall color and can range from tan and light cream to subtle orange and soft sage.

8.Choose the most suitable cabinet and hardware design for your kitchen
Select the finest cabinets & equipments for your kitchen design. After you’ve chosen the style you’d like for your kitchen, you’ll begin selecting the appropriate materials to make your design. You’ll need to decide which color, pattern and finishing, etc. will support you and bring your kitchen cabinets to life. Remember that your budget will be a major criteria in selecting the most suitable cabinet and hardware for your kitchen. Have your budget set and know how much you’re planning to spend on each part. Once it’s decided, you can decide on the best kitchen style, based on your prefernce from these kitchen styles – Modern, Traditional, Eclectic, Transitional, Vintage, Glamorous.

9.Lighten up your kitchen with the best light fixtures.
When it comes to light fittings, they can transform your design to the next level. Light fittings allow you to have the unique touch to complete your kitchen design be it Traditional, Modern, Eclectic, Transitional, Vintage, Glamorous. Meticulously work on the choiceof your light fixtures, so that they complement the aesthetics of your kitchen.

10.Complement your kitchen with window dressing
To accentuate your kitchen design, you should choose a suitable window dressing space. Window dressing procedures are often ignored, but, they have a huge effect on the overall design and can let your kitchen have the required finishing that you were looking for. To support you to choose the window dressing you’d like in your kitchen, here are the favourite choices of many – Shutters, blinds, curtains and shades.

Kitchen blinds lets you to have control over the sun light in your kitchen, as well as the security you want. Blinds come in different distinctive sizes, colours, materials, designs, and transparencies, allowing you to customize the appearance. With either vertical or even slats, you’ll make different looks with blinds, and can select from various diverse styles to discover the ideal dressing for your kitchen windows.

Shutters offer a new appearance to your kitchen and come in different materials, like vinyl and faux wood, that can be chosen in shades of white to coordinate your color scheme. They’re simple to clean and offer adjustability from sunlight and protection. Whether you prefer to have an advanced style or like to keep it classic, shutters can include an interesting element to any kitchen design.

Shades come in different materials, sizes, and designs to suit your needs, but vary from blinds as its made from one piece of fabric. Shades can be balanced for full, fractional, or no window coverage, and lets you have the same adjustability as blinds. The foremost prevalent shade styles incorporate roller, roman, woven wood, cellular, sun-powered, genuine wood, and faux wood. Shades can be motorized and also offer a cordless opening for a refined look.

As you’re equipped with the essential 10 Steps to Design Your Dream Kitchen s, it’s time to plan for remodelling.
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