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posted Aug 02 2021

Have you wanted a beautiful and spacious kitchen with all the bells and whistles? The kitchen is considered the soul of your home and designing them is absolutely a challenge. Hence, it is important to explore your personal style and aesthetic design which will help you to create a functional and comfortable space that will be cherished by your whole family.

Kitchens have become more integrated into our homes as well as in our daily routines. Even though the trends have evolved throughout the years, a modern and luxury kitchen remained a constant need among the people. However, while undergoing a kitchen renovation or creating one from the ground up from islands to lighting, single negligence can have lasting consequences.

No one wants to cook up a mess, because who wouldn’t like a kitchen as delicious as their food? from early morning breakfast to scrumptious dinner, your kitchen bears it all, hence it should be well designed and planned that will oozes confidence and inspires you to cook. Here we have mentioned the not-to-do list while creating your dream luxurious kitchen.

Kitchen Triangle Obstructions
The position of the sink, hob and refrigerator normally resembles a triangle and it should be carefully planned by forming an equidistant triangle with unobstructed access as it is the most active space in the kitchen. When it is improperly organized, this golden triangle will not make the kitchen convenient to use and lead to the wastage of your time and energy.

Skipping the details of storage space
Your kitchen might contain a lot of stuff; hence it could be tricky to find a home for all your appliances while also make keeping them easily accessible. Adding more storage to your kitchen after it is complete will be more expensive and affect the functionality of the space. Consider creative storage solutions from pantry pull-outs to roll-out shelves to increase the organization of the space.

Poor Kitchen Design Layout
A luxury kitchen should have a highly functional layout, so if it’s not the perfect option, it will decrease the efficiency and accessibility of your kitchen. Considering all the kitchen activity, you want to fit as much as open horizontal surface as possible. The best kitchen design layout will help you to maximize the space and ensure to do your cooking without interruption.

Lack of Lightning and Ventilation
Lightning and Ventilating options have a significant impact on your kitchen space, hence if you want the most perfect kitchen, you need to provide ample lighting and ventilation to the space to work smoothly throughout the day. Ambient lighting will improve the overall illumination and highlight the preparation zone. A good ventilation system will make your cooking and dining more pleasant and improve your indoor air quality.

Avoiding Kitchen Design Professionals
If you plan the kitchen design, without the help of a professional, it will cause you to waste more money, time and energy than you expected. With the latest ideas and trends, professional designers will help you identify your needs and transform them into an effective plan that fits your style and cost.

Every individual wants to ensure that their new kitchen design should be of the highest standards without compromising on the quality and durability of the materials. When you are looking for professional kitchen design companies, it is important to choose the one that offers the perfect mix of affordable contemporary kitchen design and outstanding customer service.

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As highly qualified and experienced kitchen designers and suppliers, we have always worked hard to combine the latest innovative kitchens along with the customized kitchen design according to your needs, to let your kitchen come to life. Our experts work closely with you to understand your requirements to create the best luxurious kitchen styles to complement the lavishing styling of your home.

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