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posted Aug 06 2021

‘ The Smaller, the Cosier, Embrace your Small Kitchen with Smart Ideas that will complement the size of the space. ’

Picture this scenario in your mind – you are standing in a narrow room, units on either side with opened door successfully blocking your way – don’t you think it all sounds much familiar? Yes, even though most of us dreamt of a spacious and luxurious kitchen area where you can spend your time with your friends and family especially not by getting in each other’s ‘way’, it cannot be achieved by everyone.

However, it is completely alright when you got some great ideas that will make most of your compact kitchen and makes a big difference when it comes to renovation. Designing a new kitchen or renovating an existing one is always exciting, but the process sorely depends on the size of the kitchen as you may face little limitations when it comes to small kitchens.

Unlike the bigger kitchen area, conducting a renovation for your kitchen can be a bit intimidating, as any mistakes you make will be abruptly noticeable. But, with smart tips, clever planning and expert support, you can walk through the process smoothly without compromising on your functionality of the space.

Scroll Down further to learn effective renovations tips that will suit every budget and taste for your small kitchen design. We hope you will walk away with plenty of inspiring ideas to try out in your small kitchen space.

Utilize every inch of your wall space
When you overlook the idea of making most of the given space, it is important to expand the remodeling idea of small kitchen design from the ground up. If you have a high ceiling, you can build a floor to ceiling cabinets and shelves to store the rarely-used items and make sure that your kitchen will appear more grand in scale.

Open up the space with Glass
While carrying out a makeover on your existing cabinets, refreshing those spaces with glass is a key consideration to elevate the look of that small space. Cabinet doors with glass panels will lighten up and modernize the appearance, thus making your small kitchen look much bigger. This will also give your cabinets a sophisticated air supply and increase the value of your property.

Be careful in your Dimensions
Just like you are careful about their appearance, kitchens are needed to be functional as well. If you are planning on the layout, you should be mindful of the dimensions, as it is important to consider the walkaway space. Hence, while planning your layout, it is suggested to leave a significant space to make them more aesthetically effective and functional.

Employ the Idea of Open Shelving
Implementing open shelving features is one of the easy and efficient small kitchen design ideas that will not only expand your storage space but also acts as a better way to showcase your beautifully designed appliance and advanced accessories along with decorative objects. It will also make your kitchen look brighter and spacious throughout the day.

Have you heard that good things always come in small packages? Even though renovating the compact kitchen is a challenging task, with innovative ideas, you can maximize every last bit of the space without compromising on the appearance of your dream kitchen. Whatever approach you go for, it is advisable to get professional help to turn your small kitchen into a super organized and smart space.

Why should you choose Eurolife?
At Eurolife, we thrive to implement contemporary design ideas for your compact kitchen to make it look like a Might with enthralling ideas. Our skilled crew of professionals ensures a hassle-free remodeling process and carries out renovation efficiently for your dream kitchen in Sydney.

We understand your requirements precisely and plan the design accordingly to craft an ideal kitchen space that will scream beautiful appearance and elite functionality. At the end of the day, you will have a kitchen that is both fantastic and functional, a perfect area to cook, eat, enjoy and entertain.

We know how important the space is when it comes to your kitchen size, but it doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your preferences and priorities. Are you still confused about what to do with your small kitchen space? Contact our experts today to get started on building your dream kitchen together!

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