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posted Aug 25 2021

Looking for inspiring ideas to build a luxurious kitchen? Though everyone’s needs differ, the kitchen definitely functions as the heart of your home and acts as the hub of activity where friends and family share meals. Whenever you are planning a kitchen renovation, the work isn’t usually simple as you think like selecting cabinet styles.

However, when you blend your personal inspiring ideas with the best in kitchen design trends, be assures that you will make the kitchen, the favourite space in your home. Want to get that luxe look in your kitchen? Here we have mentioned the lavishing kitchen ideas that can help to make your upcoming kitchen renovation a true success.

Get Magic with Marbles
Everyone loves the presence of fancy marble in their kitchen, don’t you? Adding marbles in your kitchen area not only gives an elegant look but also a splash of luxury touch to attract the eyes. You can use marble tiles in the backsplash or even in the portion of your kitchen floor. Moreover, this magic marble will get complimented with every colour pattern and including it will make the space look even more expensive than ever.

Setup Perfect Modular Cabinets
Gone are the days, where people get the dull wooden cabinets, now it’s time to transform your cabinets into modular kitchen units that are not only recognized for their multifunctional property but also plenty of storage areas. If you want to make a luxurious statement while designing your kitchen, then choosing modular cabinets is one of the sure things to consider.

Commit to the Enticing Kitchen Layout
When it comes to kitchen designing, you need to choose the perfect layout that should have a nice appearance as well as increased functionality. Kitchen layouts will fall into six major categories including L-shaped, U-shaped, and G-shaped, Single-wall, island and Galley kitchen. If you are planning for an open space kitchen, you can choose an L-shaped kitchen that will run along two walls direct to each other.

Zone your Kitchen with Premium Island
While selecting a kitchen island, make sure what you opt for – based on the range of size, style and colour. And don’t be limited in your planning or preferences. It should add a feel to the space and allow you to mix and match different styles along with flexible storage options.

Spell Luxury with Perfect Lighting
While building or remodeling a kitchen, we tend to neglect the lighting elements. But according to expert designers, you can’t achieve a lavish kitchen area if you only have poor light fixtures. Remember, people tend to look upon the ceiling whenever they enter a room. You can use hanging lights above the kitchen counters, islands and even in dining areas. Bring in Pendant or dim lights to create a warm and glow for the atmosphere. You can even crown your kitchen with luxurious chandeliers.

Coat the space with Costly Colours
Do you know you can entirely remodify your kitchen with painting colours? Even though you don’t want to paint the walls, you can also add colour to your cabinet to add value to the space. You can use colours like creams and beiges to make your kitchen more inspiring and innovative. In case you want dark colours, you can use black or greys to make it more modern and extravagant. White paint will make the kitchen look bigger and complement the other features.
Renovating or Building your kitchen from the start to make it look expensive can be a bit daunting, but with the right tips and tricks along with expert guidance, you can achieve that goal without wasting the resources or your valuable time.

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From selecting high-quality appliances and countertops to stylish decoration and perfect lightning, we pay attention to every tiny detail to show elegance and expansiveness in the space. Our diversified range of kitchen designs will be ravishing to feast your eyes on for sure!
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