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posted Aug 31 2021

Are you a beginner who wants to add a luxe touch to your kitchen space but is still confused about where to start? If it’s a yes, then you are in the right place. Without any debate, kitchen spaces are the focal point of your House where you showcase your taste, lifestyle and class. Unlike the old days, kitchens are not only based on pure functionality, they have been establishing with the touch of aesthetics as well.

People assume getting the right layout and design to suit their personal taste is time-consuming, but your dream kitchen can be built effortlessly with the help of few simple tips. Here we have some suggestions to keep your inspiring on what to incorporate and skip for your ideal kitchen renovation project that will make a big impact on your first-dream kitchen.

Make your kitchen cozier with lightning
Most people consider the lightning element, an afterthought, but it’s highly critical which can influence the overall appearance and functionality of the area. Proper lighting in the kitchen not only helps you to prepare delicious meals at ease but also encourages the people to get congregate in the space. You can also use glass doors on cabinets and incorporate interior LED lighting as an added effect to create an inviting atmosphere.

Improve the Kitchen’s functionality with Work Triangle
The work triangle – the sink, the refrigerator and the primary cooking surface is the important design concept while building your dream kitchen. Minimizing the walking design of the work triangle will eventually improve the functionality of your kitchen and will help you to avoid traffic walkaways cross through the space. The sum of the three distances should not be more than 26 feet, even with a small kitchen, if you want to assure comfort and safety.

Get the most out of your Kitchen Cabinetry and Storage
You may have many choices in the market when it comes to cabinet materials and styles from wood to vinyl-coated one. Here, your goal should be to reduce the clutter in your kitchen. Select the cabinetry which will not only complement your personal preferences, but it’s should be also durable, require low maintenance and easy to clean which will last the life of your kitchen. It should also provide sufficient space to store your food items, cookware and even small kitchen appliances.

Be Smart with the Kitchen Flooring
Your kitchen floor faces a lot of hardships, so it is not the right thing to ignore this critical factor in your kitchen design. Moreover, an improper flooring option can compromise your safety as well as your entire household. Hence as a rule of thumb, While selecting your flooring materials, make sure they are durable, easy to clean, attractive appearance and provide comfort while cooking. As a recommendation, go for light materials that will allow you to see spills and hazards on the floor.

Pick out your Kitchen appliances before you start designing
Last but not least, it will be great if you already have your choice of appliances in mind while building the kitchen. Getting the kitchen appliances to match your specific requirements will make your kitchen designing easier and more efficient. Hence, make sure to know your priorities to make the right compromises to best fit your needs and avoid tweak things during the process.

As you design your perfect kitchen space, it is not only essential to plan ahead with today’s innovative techniques but also include the necessary amenities and infrastructure that will give you a more aesthetic and more functional space to work in.

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