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posted May 23 2022

Tricks for stylish kitchen shelves

A lot of research, time and money goes into kitchen designing and remodeling. One of the most effective and the easiest ways to update kitchen is to nix upper cabinets by replacing them with shelves. Shelving systems are an innate part of a well-organized kitchen. The idea of the kitchen shelves is to make kitchen look both interesting and pulled together. The primary step is to declutter all sort of defunct objects from the vicinity of the shelf. Clean the shelf thoroughly for a better aesthetic look regularly. Adopt the following kitchen shelf maintenance hacks that will steer you in the right direction.

Match kitchen shelving with the wall behind 

Match your kitchen shelf design with the wall behind it to give your kitchen a sleeker effect. Check the construction and quality of the wall, as this will dictate the weight of a shelf you can hang on. Choose a suitable shelf style and fixture that speaks highly of your choice and preference. Mark out the position for your shelf in prior with utmost care. Prepare the wall for mounting the shelf. Ensure that everything is safe and secure to proceed with the kitchen shelving. 

Use mixed materials

Add texture and interest to an open shelf by displaying objects made from different materials next to each other. Break the monotony of dinnerware with plants. Mix objects made of ceramics, glass, metal, and wood on the same shelf. If you have closed cabinets, choose handles and door pulls in metallic colors, or try ornate ceramic drawer handles.

Add pops of colors 

Create a stunning backsplash and add texture and color to the kitchen. Paint your kitchen shelves just like you would paint your kitchen cabinets. Shelves can look chic with an accent wallpaper or an interesting material, matching with the backsplash. Explore and be free to mix up pop colors and patterns. Give a bold look or opt for a subtle color palette based on your preference. 

Add hanging storage 

In case of space shortage, try using vertical space. Consider switching up your storage kitchen with hanging storage instead of open shelving. This saves considerable space in the kitchen that can be used for alternative purposes. Hanging storage adds quirk charm to the kitchen. 

Add arts and plants

The kitchen might be the most functional part of the home but that doesnt should make it devoid of joy. Stand out from the traditional kitchen shelves by incorporating arts and plants. Plants make any room better, and the kitchen is no exception. Place easy-to-maintain plants on a kitchen shelf or on top of a cabinet to add breathability. Add green to your kitchen shelves with plants that add richness to the kitchen shelf. Place art prints that bring you joy or display decorative utensils. Lift the spirit of your kitchen with greens and arts. 

Fill gaps creatively

Add creativity to your kitchen space. Make use of the minute spaces and add some glow. Use tiny spaces as storage units. Place recipe books and vases in narrow spaces. Keep the utensils that are rarely used in a faraway space, probably the top shelf. You can use those little extra spaces to place knives, spoons, and table clothes. Sprinkle some creativity on your kitchen shelf for an enhanced look.  

Incorporate layers and depth 

Plan and design the kitchen shelf to your comfort. Ignore the flat and boring layout where you store everything in a single-file manner. Store the kitchen utensils in an organized manner. Keep frequently used objects on the front side of the shelf. Have a dedicated space at the back of the shelf for large and unsused objects. Incorporate two or three layers that work best for most shelves. Sort and place your kitchen objects based on their usage frequency and size. 

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