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posted Jun 22 2022

Modular kitchens are boon to those who want their kitchen to be attractive and multi-functional. Modular kitchens serve the purpose of a social hub for family gatherings. The kitchen is the busiest space in the house from where delicious meals are dished out at regular intervals. However with the hustle comes splashes of oil splatters, grease and smoky clouds that spread soot and aromas throughout the room. A modular Kitchen Chimney comes as a savior to ventilate the entire cooking area. Chimneys are an integral part of the kitchen that sucks polluted air, smoke and greasy oil droplets that occur as a result of cooking. Chimneys also improve indoor air quality. They also add value to your cookery and adds finesse to your kitchen’s appearance.

The choice of the modular chimney solely depends on the kitchen space and the vision of the house owner. Read on to know some perfect modular kitchen chimneys for Indian houses.

A Wall-mounted Chimney 

When it comes to kitchen chimney ideas on a budget, the wall-mounted chimney is the greatest option. This chimney is suitable for a single-wall or L-shaped kitchen, as well as kitchens with limited space. This is where the chimney is linked to the wall. Make sure the hood’s dimensions match those of the stove. With the light-hued wall cabinets, the wall-mounted chimney gives a compact and enhanced aesthetic. The kitchen has an aesthetic element attributable to a black chimney with a curving hood set against patterned tiles. 

An Angular Kitchen Chimney 

An angular kitchen chimney will give your kitchen a voguish definition. The angular or geometric exhaust of an angular kitchen chimney has grown increasingly popular in recent years due to its elegant appearance. The proper color will blend in seamlessly with your kitchen’s theme. Against the geometric-patterned backsplash, it really pops. Because of the sideways intake vent, this style of kitchen chimney has the good suction capability. They aid in the efficient removal of smoke and grease. An angular kitchen chimney is an ideal option for Indian kitchens. 

A Built-in Chimney 

Built-in chimneys, commonly called integrated chimneys, are ideal for small kitchens because they take up less space. They are installed beneath the kitchen cabinets to mix in with the overall design. A built-in chimney is usually included with a modular kitchen to compliment the colour and create a well-coordinated kitchen aesthetic. To avoid modifications, choose the proper chimney design that fits the kitchen proportions and cabinet sizes. This sort of chimney is relatively expensive, but it creates a cohesive appearance in the room.

A Box-Type Chimney

Here’s a fantastic idea for adding class to your kitchen space if you’re looking for a stylish kitchen chimney. A box-type chimney emits fewer pollutants and is less noisy. The box-type shape, stainless steel body, and baffle filter provide a touch of class to your kitchen. When you have a little space under the cabinets and want to add volume to the overall impression of your kitchen, use this kitchen chimney design.

Pyramid Chimney With Led Lights 

A ceiling-mounted pyramid chimney makes a sassy and formal statement in the voice of your kitchen. Install a ceiling-mounted chimney with LED lights for optimum cooking illumination. The presence of baffle filters aids in the reduction of power usage. Combining your chimney with overhead hanging and recessed lights will make your guests take heed.

A Corner Chimney 

Make a magnificent chimney design out of the little wonderful area of your kitchen. The corner chimney will ensure that your kitchen’s often-overlooked corners are put to good use. Because corner chimneys don’t take up extra room, they might help you achieve a more compact aesthetic. Apart from that, it gives a different tone to your solemn kitchen corner, welcoming calm-headed company to your kitchen equipment and cabinets.

An Island Chimney 

This is for folks who have a kitchen island in their home. Tuck ducts in the suspended ceiling with the cooking platform and hob in the centre of the kitchen. This kitchen chimney is great for kitchens with a lot of space.

A Straight-line Chimney 

For compact kitchens, this is the go-to solution. The kitchen chimney is straight and reaches halfway over the stove, leaving plenty of room above for other necessities. The aluminium filters and push-button mechanism work together to create a powerful three-speed extraction system that drains heat and oil from every corner of the kitchen. This only means two things: better performance and longer durability.

Your kitchen is the beating heart of your house. With a modular kitchen chimney, you can make it both beautiful and functional. This plethora of chimney design ideas not only purifies the air in your kitchen, but also improves its appearance. Choose your favourite alternative and enjoy safe cooking based on the capacity of your pocketbook, the time you can devote to making efforts, and the overall care of your kitchen.

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