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The classic kitchen that has essential lines and a contemporary soul. Beadboard doors provide a traditional touch to the pure, linear style of Tosca kitchens.

Tosca is a kitchen as well as a living area in a single environment characterised by the real, pure style of beadboard doors. Horizontal and vertical lines unite to form flawlessly balanced shapes, intensified by fronts portrayed by the slender vertical lines of the door panels. In this model, the traditional feature has been returned in a contemporary style and combines into the clean, essential design harmoniously.

The modern charm of this model encourages mixing with our current range of finishes and colours. The wood in the kitchen brings warmth and authenticity and form an ambience with a whole fascination of a natural material.

Tosca’s decapé ash arrives in three exclusive refinements in which smooth or beadboard doors alternative with material-effect or natural matte lacquer.
Tosca sensibly mixes materials and finishes, wood and lacquered steel, smooth and beadboard doors. The wall-mounted hood is an excellent example: this characteristic feature includes style and personality to real and personal classic style kitchen. Tosca is a really the concept of a transversal kitchen that joins attention to detail with functionality and striking contrasts.

122 Victoria Rd, Drummoyne NSW 2047, Australia